You do realize that your prolonged absence from Tumblr is very detrimental to the health of your followers, right? Ok, just making sure you knew that we missed you.

Asked by sheens43

Oh, thank you!

It is so sweet of you to remember that I even exist and everything!

I’m going to be absolutely frank in here and (hope you don’t mind) I will post this on my wall.

I am having a rough time and I am feeling pretty down. This has kept me away from any kind of social contact for most of the summer. I guess I have been practicing some hard introspection but rather than finding solutions I have just messed myself up a bit more.

I give my word that I will post really soon and explain a bit further my absence, if anyone cared at all.

In the meantime and just for the really optimistic people I must say that tomorrow (Thursday 18th) is my birthday. Just in case nature works its magic, send all the good vibes to me so once and for all I get some luck and clarity in my life (kinda when in Dragon Ball Son Goku asked for all the energy of all the living things on planet, remember?).

Hope all is well with you and all of you.

Tons of kisses!