Is it still correct to say I am on holidays if I am even busier now than when I am at the University? This a question I have been rambling around all day long.

Ever since last Thursday I am back to my hometown for the summertime. That is not to say that I am on holidays the way Thesaurus would define them.

I arrived here and I have become the ant in the fable of the ant and the cicada. You know that one where the ant kept the summer storing food while the cicada was singing and when winter arrived the cicada died out of starvation and the ant did not because she had saved goods for the cold times.

Well, I am the freaking ant, that is a fact. Given the fact that I have not found enough studies to give me a safe budget for the winter, not even close to pay my faculty tuition, I have taken another job:

In the morning, from seven to half past one p.m., I work at a butcher’s place. Then I go and help fix up a quick lunch and I prepare the last details for that kid’s English lessons. He comes by 3 in the afternoon and he leaves by five. Then, I prepare some more stuff for the following day’s lesson and if I end at a relatively early time (which until now has happened just twice) I exercise for an hour. After that, I am feeling tired, sleepy and dizzy and I take a shower and get dressed once again. I go give an insulin shot to an old aunt of mine who cannot do it by herself and get back home to make some dinner. The entire family eat together and once we’re finished I do the dishes, blah, blah, blah…

After that my parents want to sit down for a while and talk and spend some quality time together, because we don’t see much of each other the rest of the year. Once we’re done I go and spend some real good quality time with Kaoru (my pet bunny) who I have missed a lot all the year long and play with her, clean her space, etc.

Once all of the before mentioned is done, I lay down in my bed and before I even have time to realize it, I fall asleep. This is about 12’30 a.m. and I have six hours and a half to sleep. 

Given the fact I am a person who needs some good nine hours to function properly, these past days I have been looking and feeling pretty wasted. I have fallen asleep even checking my mail and I haven’t had that much time to get connected to the Internet, much less to check my Tumblr, which I deeply miss.

I never thought the day would come where I’d say: I want Summer to come to an end and go back to “school”, hehe!

Other than that, I am alive and doing quite well. 

So what about you guys?

Nighty night!